Monday, March 26, 2012

How NCAA Final Four Teams Rank on Social Media

The Final Four was official as of yesterday and the schools that are left in the NCAA Tournament are Ohio State University, University of Kentucky, University of Kansas, and University of Louisville. 

Below is a brief look into how these schools announced the great news to fans, how they influence the social media world via Klout, and their use of Twitter during this exciting time.


Ohio State University – Klout score of 60, influential about Ohio State, OSU, and Basketball
University of Kentucky – Klout score of 57, influential about University of Kentucky, Basketball, and College
University of Kansas – Klout score of 56, influential about Education, Jayhawks, and Basketball
University of Louisville – Klout score of 43, influential about Basketball, Louisville, and Portland
Notice anything?  Every Final Four school is influential about basketball, as they should be after making it this far.

Influence on Klout can come from a variety of sources if that team has decided to add more than just Twitter.  All Klout accounts access Twitter but some schools choose to add Facebook pages, Google+ profiles, and so on and so forth.  For the Klout scores that are listed above, the Twitter pages used were the Twitter accounts for the entire school, not just athletics.  For this post I have decided to take a look at the school’s athletics Twitter profiles, therefore these Twitter accounts have little effect on the Klout scores seen above.


Ohio State University (@Buckeye_Nation) –
        Following – 8,014
        Followers – 45,724
        Tweets about the Final Four so far – 11
University of Kentucky (@UKAthleticsNews)
        Following – 296
        Followers – 39,871
        Tweets about the Final Four so far – 11 

University of Kansas (@KUAthletics) –
        Following – 6,857
        Followers – 33,721
        Tweets about the Final Four so far – 12
University of Louisville (@UofLsports)
        Following – 50
        Followers – 13,200
        Tweets about the Final Four so far – 5
Who Will Win?

According to the bracket predictions are as follows.  43.2% have Kentucky winning, 5.4% have Kansas, 4.3% have Ohio State, and a mere .49% of people have Louisville walking away with the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball title.

Teams who have blue as a color have won 74% of the national championships since 1985 and with two of the four teams in the Final Four having blue as a primary team color, we may see this statistic prove true for 2012.  

With that said, best of luck to everyone whose bracket still stands a chance!  As for me, I'll sit back and watch!

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