Monday, April 2, 2012

It's the Big Night; Kansas vs. Kentucky

Do you have Twitter? I sure hope so!  If not, you should get it!
Do you like basketball? If you're reading about the "Big Night", you should like basketball!
Have you been watching March Madness? If not, you should watch tonight’s game!

Since you, I’m assuming, have Twitter, chances are you have seen an abundance of tweets about #MarchMadness, @MarchMadness, or the #FinalFour.  A lot of tweets that you see probably have some mention of @KUAthletics or @UKAthleticsNews as well since it is down to Kansas and Kentucky for tonight’s big game.  So just how popular are these tweets and Twitter handles?  Let’s take a look!

#MarchMadness / @MarchMadness

Out of the last 1,500 tweets generated, there have been 4,726,821 impressions which leads to a reach of approximately 4,485,718 followers within the past 24 hours. With those kinds of numbers, sports teams and fans can't go wrong by adding a short little hashtag to each of their tweets.  It's an easy way to get mentions, retweets, and replies.

The number of people who have started to follow the official March Madness twitter account has increased by quite a bit since the beginning of the tournament and now the hashtag is becoming more popular.

So just how often are they tweeting from the official NCAA March Madness account?  Numbers have been steady during the tournament before shortly declining and then rising again when Kansas and Kentucky were decided.

Just like #MarchMadness, the hashtag #FinalFour has also had an explosion on Twitter.  Out of the last 1,500 tweets, there have been less impressions with a still staggering number of 2,048,305.  The hashtag has also reached out to an audience of 1,545,429 followers within the past 24 hours.  With the big game happening tonight there will more than likely be a rise in the number of tweets consisting of #FinalFour.  We'll have to wait and see!

@KUAthletics (University of Kansas)

@UKAthleticsNews (University of Kentucky)
NOTE: March 25th is when they punched their ticket to the Final Four.

Do you think we'll see a rise in followers and tweets as the game gets closer?  What about after the game when one team walks away with the National Championship?  Will followers go down if the team loses tonight?  There is only one way to know.  Follow them on Twitter and see for yourself!

One more thing: Andrew Sharp of SB Nation has his 15 thoughts on tonight's game.  It's a great article! 


  1. Your blog sets the bar really high for the rest of the class. The use of charts and graphs show the interest and research that you put into each post. Obviously being in sports its nice to be able to relate sports and social media. Good work