Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinterest For Sports Fans?

Chances are if you're into social media you have heard of Pinterest.  If not, let me give you some background.  Pinterest is a vision board of social photo sharing where users can create and manage them-based image collections.  The site's mission statement is to "connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interest."  Pinterest has the image of being a female-dominated site where ladies are pinning their favorite home decor, recipes, and craft projects. (Fun Fact: One of the founders of Pinterest is from Des Moines, Iowa!)

So what does Pinterest have to do with sports? 

Well, sports teams are making accounts on Pinterest.  So you may be thinking well they don't do crafts, make food, decorate houses, or design weddings.  Exactly, it's something new!  So how does a sports team manage their Pinterest account?  Let's take for example the Milwaukee Bucks.  They have seven different boards: For Him, For Her, For The Kids, For The Home, Promotions, Photos, Classic Bucks Clips & Tidbits, and Team Pride.  The page is fairly new with only 59 pins and 22 followers but they are just beginning a trend that I think we'll see expanding very soon.  When you see something you like you just click the picture and the next thing you know you're on the Bucks merchandise website ready to purchase the item.  What could be better?

Well are there other teams doing this, too?  Of course!  Let's take a look.

For the NBA, the Boston Celtics have an account with one short of 100 followers and 11 boards (tied for the most boards of any team so far).  Not only are the Celtics pinning pictures, clothing, and history; they also have a Celtics Dancers board.  Just by clicking on a picture of a dancer you will be taken to their biography page.  Some find this creepy but perhaps it will increase competition to make the squad.

The only team in the MLB on Pinterest as of now is the Atlanta Braves.  With only 13 followers and 6 boards, this account is fairly new.  The boards are very well thought out but the pinning has yet to begin.  Their boards consist of: Events, Favorite Places & Spaces, Ballpark Tastes, For the Home, Products I Love, and Turner Field.  Perhaps the reason for no pinning yet is because they are waiting to get more into the season or for spring training (I guess we'll see!).  Besides teams, the MLB as a whole has a Pinterest account with 10 boards ranging from mascots to mustaches.

In the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks have an account with 80 followers, 33 pins, and 4 boards (stories, pictures, merchandise, and December 2011 Seahawks).  The Washington Redskins have two accounts; one that is used for their Women of Washington Redskins fan club and one that is dedicated to the Redskins TeamStore

What else?  The NHL.  In the lead is the Pittsburgh Penguins (currently over 650 followers on Pinterest).  They, without a doubt, should be the first team to reach over 1,000 followers.  So we ask, is it really important to have that many followers on Pinterest?  Perhaps one might think it would be more worthy to spend time on Twitter since the Penguins currently have over 170,000 followers.  Here is your answer; the Penguins currently have four (yes, four) full-time new media employees.  There is also the Anaheim Ducks with 59 followers.  On their account they have a board that is Recent Top Tweets.  This is a great way to link Twitter with Pinterest and increase following on both.  They also have boards that other people can contribute to such as the My Seat/View at Honda Center board where fans submit pictures from their seats or the Next Generation Ducks where it is pictures of children that are Ducks fans.

After reading this post you're probably thinking, is it really necessary for sports teams to have Pinterest accounts?  It all depends.  If a team is looking for a way to connect with the female demographic than it may be well with their time.  The time commitment for Pinterest is minimal; a few posts a week is enough to keep fans and followers in the loop

The choice is yours but it may just be something to look into!

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