Friday, February 3, 2012

Most Engaging NFL Players on Facebook

To be one of the top eight NFL players on Facebook takes more than just the highest number of "likes" or the most subscribers.  To get this title, one must entertain and amuse their fans while engaging and providing insider information.

Social media is where majority of loyal and passionate fans come to connect with their favorite athletes, coaches, and other fans.  It has also turned into a platform for athletes to build their fan base.  So who is at the top?  I'm sure you could guess a few before even taking a look!

Chad Ochocinco: 1,988,650 subscribers

Ochocinco is one of the most candid guys on Facebook and is one that truly challenges his fans to think.  He does more than just focus on football, such as speaking Spanish to subscribers, telling jokes he heard on the street, and even inviting random fans to attend games.

 Troy Polamalu: 2,030,169 subscribers

Polamalu, one of the most feared defenders in the league, is also the NFL player with the most Facebook subscribers.  He shares something on a weekly basis from inspirational stories to free ticket offers.  He has even offered up the chance to ride in a limo with him to a charity event.

Larry Fitzgerald: 437,390 subscribers

It is almost impossible to not know what Larry is up to every day.  He does a good job of making each of his fans ultimate insiders.  He has put fans in the know by showing a sneak peak of his upcoming Nike commercial and preaches faith, focus, and finish.

Ray Rice: 473,038 subscribers

To prove that you don't have to have millions of likes on Facebook to be one of the top eight, take Rice for example.  He does many things to include fans.  He recently held a coloring contest and shared every single drawing he received on his fan page and the winner received their drawing back and was signed by Rice himself.

Greg Jennings: 155,030 subscribers
Jennings often posts exclusive content such as family home videos, celebrity sightings and pictures with Packers fans all over the globe.  He is often insightful when it comes to hard hitting topics but is also not afraid to show a lighter side to sports.

Tim Tebow: 1,667,376

Tebow's Facebook timeline takes us on a journey and offers an organized look at his past and present.  His page has numerous pictures ranging from his mission to the Philippines or a fan he took to Disneyworld.  He emphasizes faith in everything he does.

Drew Brees: 1,109,796 subscribers

Brees is very personable when it comes to his posts.  He offers messages to his fans about his newborn baby and key issues surrounding the NFL.  Brees often does giveaways for game tickets and shout outs to local struggling fans and restaurants.

Hines Ward: 1,078,840 subscribers

Ward displays a lot of behind the scene pictures with fans, teammates, and family members.  He often asks for the opinions of his fans, whether it be the predictions on games or their thoughts about his win on Dancing with the Stars.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a great weekend and a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!

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