Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Beginning of Blogging

Well this is something new- I am going to be blogging for my Digital Advertising class.  Not only am I doing this for a class project, I am also doing it so that I can learn more about the connection of Sports and Social Media and can share what I learn with all of you.  You may be wondering why I chose that connection; I mean of course ESPN has a twitter account and athletes have Facebook fan pages, but there is more.  There are many sport related issues, topics, and interesting phenomenons that have to do with social media and marketing.  As a Sports Marketing major and a tech-junky, I have always been interested in how businesses (especially in the sports world) can benefit from social media.  You may be thinking that we already all know about social media and that there is nothing else to learn.  False.  Keeping up with the trends of social media and the sports world could constitute as a full time job.  New trends and breakthroughs are occurring every minute and I hope to share some of those with you throughout this semester and for the rest of my Sports Marketing career.

So jump on the bandwagon with me and join me for the ride!

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